Atlantic Healthcare funding success

Atlantic Healthcare Group

Atlantic Healthcare specialises in the acquisition and commercialisation of drugs meeting unmet medical needs of patients managed in the hospital and specialist care environments in Europe and United States, that fall below a commercial threshold of ‘big pharma’. This sector of the healthcare market continues to grow and is one in which the Management Team of Atlantic has deep industry experience having successfully launched and acquired more than 40 drugs.

Atlantic has previously raised £4.3m of investment from angel investors and family offices to progress and prepare its first product; alicaforsen, a unique drug for the treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), for full commercialisation.

Mark Donaldson, appointed as the company’s Chief Financial Officer, headed the process announced in November, to raise £500k of expansion capital to take the product into profitability in the second half of 2012.  Some three months later the funding round was oversubscribed and the company had received applications to subscribe for approximately twice the original raise. The additional investment will be used to further accelerate growth internationally.

Atlantic Healthcare appointed Richard Wood as Chairman in 2011, having retired from Genus plc after taking them as CEO from a £30m UK turnover company to a £300m FTSE 250 listed company operating in 30 countries.

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