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To Tweet or not to Tweet…

Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Bebo, Myspace, WAYN, ecademy….. There are over 175 social networking sites listed on Wikipedia, how do you use your time most effectively and not get lost on the web spending your valuable time talking to nobody?

To help your business networking, I have compared the use of LinkedIn and Twitter.-


Set up in 1997, LinkedIn has grown massively over the past 12 months. It has become an integral part of business relationships and allows users to log their relationships and to see mutual connections.

It can be used as a soft communication tool, which provides weekly updates summarising activity for all your connections, delivered to your inbox. You can easily browse other peoples friends and add them to your profile to build your connections. The site has an excellent testimonial section, whereby you can invite people to provide a short testimonial about you and your business, and provide recommendations for your connections.

Key points

  • Up to date contacts for all your connections
  • Find out and utilise mutual contacts
  • Use forums where groups can share experience and seek assistance
  • Develop relationships

Tip: Add the LinkedIn toolbar to your MS Outlook to synchronise all of your contacts with Outlook and keep them up to date. See

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