Christine Buccella Limited

Christine Buccella Limited is a global project management consultancy based in Essex.

Location: Essex

Sector: Education

Date Appointed: May 2010


Services Provided

Christine Buccella operates a global project management consultancy with clients in the UK and New Zealand. The focus is on providing excellent project management skills, primarily in the education sector, leading specific projects from inception through to completion.


Christine Buccella Limited was formed in May 2010 following a period of growth prior to incorporation. Mint Consult were appointed to assist with the incorporation and to provide on-going advice and support throughout this early period.

When asked for a comment, the founder of the Company said “Mint assisted in the setting up of the Company and continues to provide support whenever required without the fear of being charged for every minute”.


Examples of work undertakens for this client, include:

– Incorporation service

– Set up basic cashbook to capture transactions

– Assisted with remuneration planning

– Provided assistance with compliance matters


If you would like more information or to understand more on how Mint Consult can help your business, please contact Mark Donaldson on 0845 8057390 or 07940 306900.


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