Cascade50 to Roveel….Welcome To The Roveelution

I am delighted to bring you our new name, Roveel and logo. It is an exciting era for the company, as we move forward with our vision to help empower SMB’s (Small and Mid-sized Businesses) across the UK and Ireland with the information they need to make improved business decisions.

Our growth over the past 6 months has welcomed new customers, new team members and we have many exciting plans for the next 6 months and beyond.

Our new name is a move away from a product focused one and represents our strengths in ‘Roveeling’ information to our wonderful user base. Coupled with this, the team are excited to be working on new features and exciting integrations which will broaden our product offering

 So, what’s changed?

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The last 6 months have seen many difficulties across the globe, but our Software with a Service platform has been going from strength to strength. We work closely with customers using Sage50 to help them improve access to the information they require in a quick, out of the box and easy to digest platform. This coupled with our growing custom dashboard design service which sits over the top allows us to bespoke the platform in an affordable manner.

 Data the way you want it

Our new brand and identity reflect the modern approach to software, support, and culture that we have successfully built, and the team are excited to bring you Roveel.

The product itself has had a small makeover displaying our new strong and bold brand colours which we are confident will help improve the user experience.

This coupled with the growth in our customisation service will help all current and future customers maximise their reporting functionality and ultimately lead to improved business decision making for SMB’s.

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 Our mission

The multi award winning Roveel team are focused on ensuring excellent customer service alongside an unparalleled software experience in data reporting for Sage customers. The company goal is to ensure that access to data is made simple, easy to understand and ultimately to help every customer make informed decisions. Data doesn’t need to be complicated and should be quickly and easily analysed with no expensive training or setup fees…. that’s where Roveel comes in.

Welcome to the Roveelution!

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