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Finance for Non-Finance Managers


Our Finance for non-finance managers course has been designed to assist Managers in industry understand the basics of finance. Too often Managers are provided with printed reports each week or month, however they do not neccesarily understand the relevance or indeed the areas on which to focus.

The course covers areas such as basic terminology used in Finance, Ratio analysis, Budgets and most importantly Key Performance Indicators. The course is FULLY TAILORED to your business, and managers are asked in advance for details of reports which they regularly use (or not as the case may be) and requested to fill in a brief questionnaire before the session. 


Financially Smart Marketing

Led by accountant and financial director Mark Donaldson, this workshop considers marketing through the eyes of the Financial Director. Mark is a rare breed of accountant with an excellent understanding of and flair for marketing!

This has been described as being an invaluable session for anyone writing, implementing and accessing marketing plans, or involved in business development, pitching for new business and writing proposals. Mark also arms you with tools and techniques to appease the concerns of your MD or FD over marketing spend!

“Marketing spend is often uncontrolled,” says Mark, “with no real tangible measurable results. The FD wants to know how each penny of the marketing spend relates to increase in profit.”

Using practical examples and drawing on the experiences from participants, Mark explores the key financial factors that are essential to bear in mind, to guarantee tangible measurable results from your marketing.

Mark has considerable experience working with high growth businesses where he has successfully correlated the marketing plan with business growth.


Feedback from delegates

“Provided a good understanding of marketing from an FD’s perspective”

“Excellent use of practical examples”

“I obtained a better understanding of profit and spend analysis and ROI”

“Good presenter”

“Obviously good range of experience and good grip of the cross over and relationships between finance and marketing”

“I now have a better understanding of applying KPIs/focussed use of Sage”


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