What do our clients say?

We strive hard to ensure our clients needs and requirements are understood.  This makes sure that we deliver excellent value and that our work really adds value to our clients. Please don’t just take our word for it……


“Mark is a highly valued member of the team with a broad depth of experience and useful and innovative thought processes”

Ben Page
Managing Director, Allen and Page Limited

“Mint Consult act as our Finance Director providing detailed analysis of our sales, production, energy consumption and the setting of pricing strategies together with the usual FD services”
Managing Director
Manufacturing Company

“Mint Consult helped us formulate KPIs, advised on core strategic & financial management matters. Mark is highly personable, accessable & creative in approach with a sensible business understanding & consideration – a refreshing change to the accountancy profession!”
Vickie Peggs
Managing Director, Universally Speaking
St Neots

“Written report made a complex situation clear and easy to understand”
Food manufacturer

“Mint provides us with intelligent information and really does bring the numbers to life”
Sales Director
Manufacturing Company

“Mark always had an eye for the bigger picture and even as a student was keen to explore strategy and planning with clients”
Accountancy Firm

“A dynamic and focused Chartered Certified Accountant with commercial vision and focus. A strategic thinker, considering the wider impact of business issues he has assisted clients with a variety of areas including staffing, sales and marketing strategies, business plans, project viability studies”