Funding success

Funding Success Atlantic Healthcare Group

We are delighted to announce that our Director Mark Donaldson has had great success with client Atlantic Healthcare in attaining a £1.89million grant from the Technology Strategy Board.  Mark played a large role in the success of the application, from initial drafting, review and submission, through to writing the final presentation in support of the application.

The success is added to the already successful fundraising activities that have undertaken at Atlantic Healthcare. The £1.89million will part fund the preparation and execution of a single pivotal phase III trial for Atlantic’s first product; Alicaforsen, a unique drug for the treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).

If you would like more information on Atlantic Healthcare or to understand more on how Mint Consult can help your business, please contact Mark Donaldson on 01603 516350 or 07940 306900.

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