Financially smart marketing – do your campaigns deliver?

In association with NAME we are delivering a workshop on Tuesday 23rd November (09.30am) with a financial twist and is a great opportunity for firms to be better understanding some of the financial aspects of marketing.

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In tough economic times it is vital to be making every penny count but it can be difficult to know what marketing is effective and where to invest or cut back. Companies can be reluctant to adjust spending in case it has a negative impact and often fail to make changes due to a lack of analysis and understanding of past campaigns.

Qualified accountant and Financial Director, Mark Donaldson from Mint Consult, will outline the financial factors that marketers should be aware of when planning and implementing marketing campaigns.

The workshop will include:

* Understanding the correlation between finance and marketing
* Recognising the importance of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
* The impact of KPIs on marketers
* Overview and best practice for calculating marketing spend
* The importance of the marketing plan
* Measuring the effectiveness of campaigns through ROI

Mark will use his insight and experience from industry, having worked for some of the UK’s largest accountancy firms, to equip delegates with a deeper understanding of the relationship between marketing and finance, and how a planned and analytical approach to marketing spend can yield more profitable results for their business.

Mark comments:

“All marketers will agree that return on investment is critical but many don’t effectively assess and analyse their campaigns, often leading to ineffective budgets. Most companies have the figures needed to assess ROI and by taking time to identify, understand and study these, they could be better using their future marketing budgets and seeing greater returns.”

Mark has significant experience of working with owner-managed businesses across East Anglia and has worked in established accountancy firms such as Larking Gowen and Grant Thornton. He is committed to providing commercial, financial and strategic advice and enjoys helping owners and director teams to maximise the growth potential of their business through a fresh and practical approach, using technology to assist in delivering powerful results.

There will be plenty of networking time to discuss individual issues with Mark and to meet and share knowledge with fellow delegates.

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