Strategic workshops

How many minutes a week do you spend considering your business strategy? Is this a pro-active or a reactive process?



Our strategic workshops cover all aspects of your business. It allows you the time to step out of your business, stand back and consider how your business is operating, how you would like it to be, and what changes are needed.


We will undertake research around your sector, competitors, products and sit with you beforehand to ensure the complexities of your business are understood. This will provide a solid platform for the workshop and we will help you analyse, review and make recommendations. Our review typically examines five key drivers:

– Objectives – is your strategy in alignment with your day to day objectives?

– Business processes – review & consider how effective they are at delivering your strategic goals

– Sales & marketing plan – is it effective and being driven?

– Personnel –  do you have the right people in the right places with the right skills?

– Finance – are you capturing, analysing and using the most appropriate financial information?


To find out more about our strategic workshops, contact us on to arrange a free no obligation exploratory meeting.